Are you:

  • looking for meaning and truth in your life?
  • recognizing the cost of not investing in you?
  • curious about how your personal development can impact society and/or how society may impact your personal development and choices?
  • finding yourself at the intersection of personal development and social change?
  • looking for a coach who holds the social context, curiously, in the coaching relationship?

Are you ready to:

  • get a 360 view of your life ?
  • re-energize your life ?
  • clarify and focus your direction ?
  • learn about who you are, now, without your social conditioning ?
  • centre the marginalized voices within you and the culture at large ?
  • create greater connection & love with yourself and those around you ?
  • live in alignment with your beliefs, values and passions ?
  • create a life that is your life to live ?
  • find courage to make a significant change and/or admit some hard truths ?
  • break out of the status quo ?
  • find peace and balance ?
  • find tools to get through tough times ?
  • to say no and no more to things that aren't working ?
  • look at the legacy you are leaving compared to the legacy you want to leave in the work you do and those you impact in your life ?

Then it is time to invest in

The Leader in You