To Live Intimately with Your Life

Before we begin this journey together, you have a right to know what motivates me, why I seek to live intimately with my own life and the world. The most truthful answer to this is the simplest: because I have to. I am compelled by some deep hunger of the soul, driven by a desire that will not leave me alone, to live life to the fullest. And I know this does not mean working endlessly, accomplishing the most, or consuming the greatest amount and variety of things and experiences. It means tasting each mouthful, feeling each breath, listening to each song, being awake and aware of each moment as it unfolds.

Life lived intimately may not be easier. But it is fuller, richer, and more open to everything: the confusion and the insight, the excitement and the boredom, the shadow and the light. And somehow, expanding my ability to simply be with it all does make what is hard easier to bear, allows me to give and receive in each moment.

Uriah Mountain Dreamer – The Invitation

Kristen Bentley